New property extension laws made permanent

Since 2014 home owners have been benefitting from the temporary change in building laws, to allow the construction of certain property extensions without the need for planning applications. We have extended a great amount of homes in this time and have so many happy customers enjoying their new space, allowing them to remain in their current home rather than having the annoyance and expense of moving to a bigger home.

Luckily, in June (2019) the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government (MHCLG) have made this change permanent. This is great news for home owners all over the country, with substantial savings made for the planning permission applications, not to mention the time and effort this saves when planning an extension.    Since the temporary law was put in place in 2014 over 110,000 homes have been extended.  This shows the popularity of the scheme, so it is great news for everyone that this has now been made permanent. The Housing minister, Kit Malthouse, recently said “this move will help families extend their properties without battling through time-consuming red tape”.

Property extensions

Here at Create Room we take care over each and every project we take on to ensure the correct permissions and applications are obtained before a project commences.  This law really does help move projects along more quickly and will allow us to save the home owners money where no application fees are required.  The new law does have it’s limits however. To start with the law is only applicable to ground floor, rear extensions. Any extensions made to the front of a property would still require planning permission.  This also means that any second (or higher) floor extensions would also require planning permission before your project can commence.  There are also size restrictions in place for the new law, which state that for semi-detached or terrace properties you may have a 6 meters  by 4 metre extension. However, detached properties are allowed to have an extra 2 metres, with 8 metre by 4 metre extensions now permitted without any planning permission.

In summary, the permanent planning permission changes state no planning permissions are needed for extensions that are:

  • On the ground floor
  • Are up to 6 metres X 4 metres for a semi-detached or terrace property
  • Are up to 8 metres X 4 metres for a detached

Families grow and circumstances change for households all over the UK. It is great that government has recognised this and brought in this permanent change in planning laws.  Moving house when you require more space can be a very expensive undertaking, not to mention the time required and stress of the move itself.  More and more home owners are opting to extend their existing homes rather than moving and this new planning law will make this much easier for home owners up and down the country.

Getting a quotation for your extension could not be easier. Create Room have been extending homes all over Essex and London for a number of years and have a mass of positive reviews from our army of happy customers.  We use our experience to guide you on to the best possible options for your property extension and give a full quotation and timescale needed to deliver your dream home extension.

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