Micro Homes Essex

Garden Rooms


Sometimes you need an extra bedroom in your home but there is no space. That is were create-room can help you create a room can help design and build a perfect micro home in your garden. These wooden houses are small and compact but perfect for your needs, better than a flat pack complete with all the essentials a small home is a perfect way to live.

Micro Home Designed The Way You Want

Each and every micro home we design is done so each client’s exacting needs. Each client can choose the type and style of windows, the style and type of door and many other aspects they would like their micro home to have.

We work closely with every client, to ensure that we design and build a garden room they are going to be happy with.

Different types of Micro Homes and how to choose one for your garden.

There is a multitude of different Micro Homes we can create depending on your needs and requirements.

Micro Home Costs

When asking “How much does a Micro Home cost?”. The cost of a Micro Home varies depending on the size and type you require. Create-room provides always the highest quality but cheap garden rooms that you need compared to other service providers in the area. Contact us now for a free quote.

Avoid The Micro Home Planning Red Tape

At Create Room, we try to avoid ‘red tape’ wherever possible and have become experts in the area of planning law that pertain to garden buildings. We understand that many of our clients wish to avoid a lengthy planning process, so we design our buildings accordingly. If, however, you live in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, a National Park, the Broads or a World Heritage Site we would be happy to undertake the planning application for you.

Building Regulations For Micro Home

If the floor area is between 15m2 and 30m2, you will not normally need to apply for building regulations approval, if the building contains no sleeping accommodation and it is either at least 1m from any boundary or is constructed of non combustible materials. We have a large amount of experience in designing and constructing garden buildings within the permitted allowance, that do not have to comply with building regulations.